We are a leading Engineering, Fabrication and Contracting group, operating in Metal Construction Systems in International Markets.

Strategic Objevtives

Always we demonstrate a commitment to the continuous improvement of safety and quality of our people.

Improving quality, performance and productivity with environmental awareness,
Continuous improvement of management and industrial know-how,
Growth and expansion in international markets.

Competitive Edge

Value is assured through technical excellence, organisational experience and commited service.

Multi-disciplinary systems approach to projects,
Technological innovation,
Design and fabrication capability,
Expertise in construction and industry,
International marketing presence,
Close cooperation with international leading suppliers,
Highly motivated, professional management,
High caliber staff.

Engineering At The Edge

Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Building
Nazarbayev Center
Bory Mall
Expo 2017
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Khan Shatyr
Palace Of Peace
Palace Of Peace
Koru Florya
Lazika Anaklia Sculpture
Batumi Technological University
Batumi Technological University
Astana Arena
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Mall of İstanbul
Police Headquarter
The Capital Skylight
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