Our service goes from the design through to the erection. All this can only be achieved because we have experienced and qualified people helping the customer at every stage of the construction process.

Steel Building Structures

Industrial Buildings
Multistorey High Rise Towers
Large Span Structures (Sports Facilities, Terminal Buildings, Stations)
Iconic Towers with Heavy Lifting Systems

Industrial Steel Structures

Pipe Bridges
Equipment Supporting Frames
Walkways, platforms

Exposed Architectural Steel Structures

Painted/hot dip zinc coated carbon steel,
Stainless steel.

Steel Bridges

Beam Bridges,
Arch Bridges,
Suspension Bridges,
Cable Stayed Bridges.

Building Envelopes

Light Gauge Steel Wall structures,
Natural stone cladding,
Windows/doors/unitised Curtain Walls,
Aluminium and Stainless Steel Cladding,
Fixed and operable skylights,
Roof cladding.

Special Metal Formwork & Scaffolding Systems

Slipforms (hydraulic self-climbing),
Wall/floor (semi-tunnel) formworks,
Formworks for precast concrete plants,
Self propelled curved formworks for tunnels.

Tensioned and Textile (Membrane) Structures

Cable Net Roof and Facade Systems
Stadium Roof Cladding
Architectural Canopies with Membrane Cladding
Inflated ETFE Cushion Systems

Bespoke Equipment

For Maintenance and Ispection Of Suspended Bridges

Self Propelled Travelling Maintenance Gantries under the Deck
Self Propelled Travelling Inspection Carriages running above the Main Cable

For Light and Heavy Railway Systems

Turntables for Bogies
Turntables for Locomotives
Suspended Travelling Platforms for Vagoon Roof Maintenance
Vagoon Lifting and Supporting Systems (Underground)
Electrically Driven Vehicles (rail/road) for Towing the Rolling Stock

For Ports

Shiplift Systems

For Stadium Roofs

Roof Travel and Drive Systems for Operable (Opening & Closing) Roofs

Engineering At The Edge

Yapı Kredi Culture and Arts Building
Nazarbayev Center
Bory Mall
Expo 2017
Expo 2016
Khan Shatyr
Palace Of Peace
Palace Of Peace
Koru Florya
Lazika Anaklia Sculpture
Batumi Technological University
Batumi Technological University
Astana Arena
Timsah Arena
Ocean Plaza
Akvaryum AVM
Mall of İstanbul
Police Headquarter
The Capital Skylight
Ramstore Bridge
M3 Bridge
Akhaltsikhe Justice House
Bogenbaya Viaduct
Benga Riverside Mozambique
Bozshakol Copper Project
Public Service House in Kvareli
Maldives Hospital